Wake Up Your Makeup

wake up your make up

Latest Updates: 8th February ’17

To counter the counterfeit products, Ben Nye has changed the packaging of its powders:

Please do not be alarmed if you are still receiving the powders in old packaging, as Ben Nye is slowly rolling out the new ones.


Wake Up Your Makeup

The recent spate of fake Ben Nye powders in the market has brought about concerns circulating around counterfeit products.

While unauthentic items may look exactly like the real deal, it is at your finger tips to differentiate between both:

  1. Fake Ben Nye powders come packaged in cellophane wrap.
  2. Fonts & logos appear darker and thicker on the fake bottles
  3. Text on the fake bottles get scraped off easily
  4. Fake ones come in visibly darker and duller shades
  5. Fake Ben Nye powders are “cakey” in texture.
  6. Look out for original Ben Nye batch number or product code on the base of every product.


For some, knock-offs are easily accessible and cheaper alternatives that are too strong to resist. Most do not understand the complications and risks circulating around such illicit trade.

Fake cosmetic products typically contain toxic and banned ingredients such as arsenic, which are extremely harmful and may cause long-term impairment. A report from UK’s Daily Mail mentioned that cheaper imitations may appear “legitimate” and please the purse, but they are found to contain ingredients that best irritate the skin. In worst cases, these products may bring permanent damage to the body and brain.

Usual symptoms caused by the use of fake cosmetic products include acne, swelling, and serious skin condition such as psoriasis. Others may trigger rashes, eye infections, or serious condition such as lead poisoning which affect major body organs.

So, avoid unknown sellers and never buy cheaper fake copies as it is never worth the risk of potentially harming your skin.

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