Pink Hair, Don’t Care

Rose-gold and pink colored hair have always been the timeless shades for fancy hair hues. Yes there may be reasons for you to hold back, but hey, why not challenge yourself and give it a try? Who knows, you may just rock that look. Yeah one may think that it will not be easy to […]

Skincare Tips & Tricks

Yes, we’ve all heard, read, watched tons on anti-aging, skincare, body care… etc. But here, we’ve gathered some tips & tricks, neglected to-dos, and friendly-reminders. 1. Lotion Up! We know it is common knowledge to apply body lotion and moisturizer. But do you know that applying them right after you step out of shower helps […]

Trend Spotting: Neon Hair Colors

With celebs like Katy Perry and Cardi B spotted with neon hues on their hair, it is crystal clear that bright shades and neon trend are not going away anytime soon. Hairstylist Kellon Deryck said,” It’s all about standing out. The trend has sparked a result of people wanting to showcase their versatility”. In early […]

Hair Color Levels and Different Volumes of Developers

In the earlier post, we have a deeper understanding of bleach and developer. We know that developers come in different volumes but is totally unsure how they work and which is suitable for our needs. Since it directly affects the color and shade of our hair, it is important for us to understand color levels […]

What’s the Difference Between Bleach, Hair Dye, and Toner?

Yes, we get tired of our dark roots every now and then. We want to freshen up or look special for different occasions by trying on new colors. If you are the same as us, then you’ve most probably heard of bleach, hair dyes (semi-permanent / permanent), and toners. So what exactly are the differences […]

Top Hair Commandments To Follow

1. Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize Just Like Our Skin! Cleanse: Professionals and experts alike have stressed that daily cleansing will strip the natural oil from our hair cuticle, leaving it weak and dull (this is especially so for colored and chemically-treated hair). While it may be a little tough in our humid weather, try washing […]

The Tangle Teezer Story

Designed, manufactured and made in Great Britain, every Tangle Teezer’s element is completed on the British soil. The very first Tangle Teezer invention is The Original, a multi-award winning ultimate detangling hair brush. With an innovative two-tiered teeth system technology, the brush detangles with minimum fuss, breakage and damage, leaving hair smooth, soft and shiny. […]

Dermisa Brightening Bar

What is Dermisa Brightening Bar: Formulated to gently cleanse and brighten the appearance of dark spots, Dermisa Brightening Bar even skin tone by combining 3 Natural Botanical Extracts for maximum lightening effectiveness. This bar is made from a 100% vegetable base with Glycerin, delivering a healthy shine after every use. • For all skin types • […]

Hair Serums – Tips and Tricks

Having a bad hair day? Desperately need an immediate remedy for your frizzy locks? Hair serums are here to help! What is a Hair Serum? It is a hair care product that comes in thick liquid form, formulated with different chemical ingredients. When hair serum is applied to the hair, it usually makes the hair […]

Get Your Unicorn Hair

Wanna take the plunge? Decided to go grey, pink or purple? This blog post will serve as a guide for anyone who is keen in achieving fancy hair color. Before we proceed, here are some points to bring across for those who have never tried fancy hair colors: Yes, to achieve ash grey or any […]

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