What are Silver, Blue, and Purple Shampoos?

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If you have dyed your hair with the perfect color, but after a month or a few washes, you start to notice some unfavorable shades showing, it may freak you out. Brassy tones are a colored hair’s worst nightmare because it strays from the color you originally dyed your hair with. Thankfully, products have been created to help fight off these unwanted colors. Regardless of your hair color, you can benefit by using colored shampoo for your hair.

Before explaining the differences between all three shampoos, it is essential to understand how they are the same. Silver, blue, and purple shampoos are all toning shampoos, which means that they help change your hair’s shade by adding certain color pigments. Each shampoo is created according to the color wheel to fit a specific hair color and work against those unwanted brassy tones.

Why Does Brassiness Occur?

Brassiness occurs in colored hair because of the chemistry of your hair. When you decide to color your hair a lighter shade than your natural color, you will have bleach added to your hair. When you add bleach, it dilutes and removes color pigment from your hair. To lock in your new color, toner is used on your hair. Once you have repeatedly washed your hair or exposed your hair to the sun, the color grows out, resulting in those unwanted brassy tones popping back up. Using silver, blue, or purple shampoo will help you maintain your beautiful hair color for as long as possible.
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Purple Shampoo

On the color wheel, purple is the opposite of blonde. Purple shampoo is designed for bright blonde, highlighted, or colored hair to neutralize any unwanted brassy shades of yellow. It is a purple-tinted shampoo that will cool down some of the warmer tones in your hair. Every time you wash with purple shampoo, you are eliminating those unwanted colors from your hair.

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Silver Shampoo

On the color wheel, silver is also the opposite of blonde. The difference between purple and silver shampoo is that silver shampoo is intended for people who have naturally silver or gray hair. Silver shampoo works by fighting off ugly shades of yellow that can appear in gray locks and take away from your desired hair color.

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Blue Shampoo

On the color wheel, blue is the opposite of orange and red. Blue shampoo is designed for brunette and brown hair colors to remove any unwanted orange or red shades. It is a blue-tinted shampoo that will correct the color in your hair. Every time you wash your hair, the blue shampoo will put blue pigments into your hair to fix those unwanted tones.

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How Should You Apply a Silver, Blue, or Purple Shampoo?

No matter if you’re using a silver, blue, or purple shampoo, the instructions for using these products are similar. First, you rinse your hair with warm water thoroughly. Then, work your shampoo product through your hair. It is essential to massage the shampoo in so that you are reaching all your hair. Let the shampoo sit for five minutes, and then rinse it off with cool water.

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