What is Brassy Hair and How Do We Get Rid of It?

When you first have your hair colored, you feel on top of the world. You are more confident, and excited to show off your new shade. A few weeks later, you may notice that your color is appearing brassy. What happened? Brassy hair is a common issue that many individuals face, and thankfully there are multiple solutions to help you get rid of this unwanted hair tone. Here are what you need to know about brassy hair and ways to avoid it:

What is Brassy Hair?

Brassy hair is defined as the unwanted warm tone in your hair. Brassy hair can happen due to various reasons such as exposure to sunlight, using the wrong shampoo, lack of toner, or even stylist error. Depending on how the hair is colored, this brassy tone may look different for every individual. Blondes will typically see brassiness that looks yellow, while brunettes will find brassiness in red or orange tones.

How to get rid of Brassy Hair

If you are ready to get rid of your brassy hair, we have put together a few tips to help you fix them.

Use A Toner

A toner is an easy way to fix any brassy color found in your hair. Hair toners are color correctors for your hair and they bring out the desired hair tone. Hair toners will cool down your color to hide the warm undertones and achieve your desired hair look. Remember that most toners are temporary and will need to be reapplied every few weeks, depending on the type of toner you use.

Pick The Right Color Shampoo

Using the proper type of colored shampoo can help remove brassy tones from your hair. If you have blonde hair, use purple shampoo to fix the brassiness. If you have gray hair, use a silver shampoo instead. For brunettes, it is recommended to use a blue shampoo. Colored shampoos will help neutralize the unwanted tones and create natural-looking hair. 

Use The Right Water Filter

Just like you care about the water you drink, you should also care about the water you use to clean your hair. By using a water filter, you can help prevent brassy hair. Water filter eliminate the extra minerals that hard water typically build up in your hair resulting in healthier, softer, and less brassy hair.

Use Minimum Heat On Your Hair

Regardless of the color you choose, bleach will most likely be used to add color to your hair. It is essential to protect your hair by limiting its exposure to certain elements, such as heat, to avoid brassy tones. If you need styling products, invest in tools that can quickly style your hair. Before using these tools, add a protective oil or serum to your hair for ultimate protection from brassy hair.

Get A Professional Opinion

If you have tried everything, and still does not seem to rid your hair of brassy tones, you might need a professional opinion. Schedule an appointment with your regular hair salon to figure out why this may be happening. A professional hairstylist will assess your hair and decide the best treatment for your specific situation.