Which Should I Use, No Yellow or No Orange Shampoo?

Dyed hair is a popular trend that is here to last. Whether you are looking to go bright blonde, red, or brunette, there is a way to achieve your dream hair with hair coloring treatment. However, once you colored your hair, you need to invest in quality products to protect and brighten your color.

If you are trying to determine whether to use the No Yellow or No Orange shampoo, you need to understand what both shampoos are and the differences between them. First and foremost, both shampoos are toners, which means that they color correct your hair.

Hair toner adds a deposit of color and can be purchased in cool, ash, or warmth to neutralize your hair tone. Most hair toners tend to be semi-permanent, which means it will wash out after a few weeks. It is best to put toner on hair that has already been highlighted in some way, such as balayage or bleached hair. Toner will not transform your hair into something brand new. Instead, it changes the tone of your hair.

What is No Yellow Shampoo?

No Yellow shampoo will help remove brassiness and yellow tones in your hair. The shampoo is a bright purple color and perfect to use on hair dyed white, blonde, or platinum. The No Yellow shampoo is also ideal if your gray hair has started to turn copper.

What is No Orange Shampoo?

No Orange shampoo will help remove any orange tones from your hair. The shampoo is a bright blue color and perfect to use on caramel highlighted hair. Consider using a No Orange shampoo if you have reddish tones in your light brown or dark blonde hair.

Both Shampoos Require Special Instructions

While the No Yellow and No Orange shampoos differ in the colored hair you should use them with, you can apply both in a similar way. If you are ready to use your No Yellow or No Orange Shampoo, follow these steps.

  1. Rinse Your Hair: Before you apply the shampoo, make sure you rinse your hair with warm water.
  2. Put on the Shampoo: Wear gloves before applying the shampoo because both will stain your skin. Once you’re ready, work the shampoo through your hair, massaging thoroughly to reach all of your hair.
  3. Let it Sit: You will need to wait at least three minutes before rinsing out your hair. The No Yellow shampoo will usually tone faster than the No Orange shampoo. Check the back of your bottle for specific instructions on how long you should leave your shampoo in your hair. If you have accidentally left it in for too long, the effects will fade after a few washes.
  4. Rinse: It is time to rinse your hair off with cool water. If you find that your hair feels dry, you can invest in hydrating masks to add moisture to your hair.

Using a No Yellow or No Shampoo is an inexpensive, easy way to eliminate unwanted tones from your hair. It is the perfect solution if you want a little more impact than a regular shampoo but would rather not invest in a professional toner.