Differences between Permanent and Semi-Permanent Hair Colors

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If you plan to dye your hair anytime soon, you will be faced with multiple options of how you can color your hair. The two most common options are semi-permanent or permanent dye. There are considerable differences between these two types of dyes, how they react with your hair, and the overall result you can expect. It is essential to understand both before making any major decision about your hair.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Semi-permanent hair color is only temporarily permanent, as the name suggests. It adds shine and changes the tone of your hair without darkening or lighting your hair. With semi-permanent hair color, you are adding dye to the surface of your hair instead of in your hair. The gloss you use will not be able to cling onto your hair forever, so it will eventually wash out. You can expect your semi-permanent hair color to wash out in 4-8 weeks. 

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You are also limited to a smaller range of colors to choose from with semi-permanent hair color since it cannot be mixed with a developer, you cannot lighten your hair. It will instead only refresh or temporarily change your hair tone. Semi-Permanent hair colors should not be used for gray hair because it will not cover your grays. However, it is an excellent solution if you have ever wanted to try a new color without having to forever commit to it.

Reasons You Might Choose Semi-Permanent Hair Color

  • You have never dyed your hair before. Semi-permanent hair colors are a great way to introduce yourself to the world of colors without going overboard.
  • You frequently dye your hair to the point it is damaged and want to regrow or allow your hair to become softer. Semi-permanent hair colors are less damaging compared to other hair treatments.
  • You want to try out a new color without having to commit to a complete transformation. 

Permanent Hair Color

Permanent hair colors are what most people are talking about when they refer to color-treated hair. It is a long-lasting hair coloring option that will completely change your hair structure and color. To dye your hair with permanent hair dye, you will need to mix a developer with the color to either darken or lighten your hair. Unlike semi-permanent dye, this is not a light gloss and will deeply penetrate into your hair. You should expect that this color will not wash out after a few weeks.

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There are many varieties and options of colors you can choose from with permanent hair dyes as you are able to darken, lighten, or change your hair tone. If you are trying to create a dramatic color change, permanent hair color will help with this hair goal. Permanent hair dyes are the best option if you are trying to cover your grays as they provide long-lasting coverage. 

Reasons You Might Choose Permanent Hair Color

  • You want to do a bold color change, maybe from blonde to brown or vice versa.
  • You want a permanent change to your hair color and you are ready to commit to colored hair.
  • You have gray hair that you want to hide completely.