Top Hair Commandments To Follow

Top Ten Hair Commandments

1. Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize Just Like Our Skin!

Cleanse: Professionals and experts alike have stressed that daily cleansing will strip the natural oil from our hair cuticle, leaving it weak and dull (this is especially so for colored and chemically-treated hair). While it may be a little tough in our humid weather, try washing your hair on alternate days or once every 2 days.

Tone: More applicable for colored hair, our Shimmer Lights Conditioner helps to maintain the beautiful shades as much as possible while protecting your hair from damage.

Moisturize: Apart from your routine conditioning, treat your hair to an intensive treatment at least once a week.

2. Loosen Up with a Hair Mask

As mentioned in point #1, treating your hair to an intense and
hydrating treatment at least once a week will give it the
nourishment it needs. Sit back, relax and take some time off
every week with a treatment of your preference.

3. Use a Serum

Is your hair difficult to work with? Or is it lacking of shine?
Need instant repair? Apply serum from mid lengths
(avoiding the roots) through the ends.

4. Regular Trim

To prevent split-ends that cause further damage to our hair,
it is healthy to have a trim every 8 weeks.

5. Using Spiral Hair Ties

Opt for traceless hair ties which stretch and expand
as necessary to prevent both breakage and headaches.

6. Rinse the Hair with Cool Water

It never hurts to take an old wives’ tale seriously – warm water
opens up our hair shaft, leaving it rough and coarse. On the other
hand, cool water closes our hair cuticle while locking in moisture,
making our hair softer and smoother.

7. Investing in a Quality Hair Brush

Not only will a good brush detangle your hair without breaking it,
it stimulates your scalp for further growth and prevents hair loss.

8. Never Brush with Wet Hair

Unless you are using a wet brush, never ever brush
with your hair wet as this may break your hair.

9. Heat with Caution

The heat from our daily much-used electrical appliances
(for blowdrying, straightening or curling) can penetrate
our hair cuticle, leaving it dry, dull, and damaged.
Try with a lower temperature or use a thermal protector.

10. Sun Protection

Just like our skin, UV rays are harmful to our hair as well!
Invest in a product with UV protection to protect your hair
from the sun and other environmental elements.

We hope these quick tips help, and let’s enjoy the process
of maintaining our beautiful mane!

The Wunders