Trend Spotting: Neon Hair Colors

trend spotting neon hair colors

With celebs like Katy Perry and Cardi B spotted with neon hues on their hair, it is crystal clear that bright shades and neon trend are not going away anytime soon.

katy perry
Hairstylist Kellon Deryck said,” It’s all about standing out. The trend has sparked a result of people wanting to showcase their versatility”.

In early September during the New York Fashion Week, Lil’ Kim walked the runaway with acid-yellow hair to match her outfit.

lil kimHair colorist Rachel Bodt has highlighted that fantasy colors will always be around. If you are dreaming of your next fancy dye, here are how some celebrities are carrying these rainbow shades:


Wunder tips to note before your massive dye job:

1. The steps to your fancy hair shade are bleach -> tone -> color application. As it can be very damaging for the hair, we always emphasize treatment before bleaching and after the color application.

2. For the colors to last longer, try not shampooing your hair every day. Do a wash once every 2 days.

3. Neon hues tend to appear more faded on dry and damaged hair. Have your ends trimmed before the coloring will make a big difference to the overall look.

4. As a bond-building treatment, Olaplex is always recommended by stylists and colorists worldwide to strengthen your post color-treated hair.

5. Less is more when it comes to bold hair colors. Consider wearing less vivid or more neutral shades, and your hair color will stand out more.

The Wunders