Pink Hair, Don’t Care

pink hair dont care

Rose-gold and pink colored hair have always been the timeless shades for fancy hair hues. Yes there may be reasons for you to hold back, but hey, why not challenge yourself and give it a try? Who knows, you may just rock that look.

Yeah one may think that it will not be easy to style yourself with a bright colored (especially pink) hair, in fact, there are several ways you can play with your daily look!

First, let us take a look at how some big names are carrying that look:

(Image Source Credit: Getty Images)

Like what you’ve seen, there are several shades of pink which you can try – from the palest pink, to magenta, multi-colored pink (mixed beautifully with other shades such as blonde, blue, purple…etc), pink highlights, and even pink with dark roots!

So you’ve decided to make that big move, what next? Simply DO NOT hide it. Match it with a white-colored top and the hair color will look even more vibrant and stand out. If you work in the office and is required to tone that pink down, put on a black or dark-colored blazer, long cardigan…etc and it should do the trick.

Another aspect of your daily routine to look into (after dyeing pink) is your makeup. It is definitely not necessary to pile on layers of makeup, but do take the chance to experiment your look with different eyeshadows, blushes, and especially lip colors.

For instance, smokey liners and pink hues of shadows usually (not always) work best with pink hair, and orangey red or creamy warm pink lip colors match beautifully. On the contrary, avoid any orange or dark warm lip colors that will clash with your hair shade.

Playing with hair colors may involve more than just that bold decision, but it is also effortless to pull off that look especially with pink shades. As fashion/style write Kristen Bateman has said, pink hair is somehow flattering on everyone. So why not give pink a try instead of the usual brown and red hues?

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