What You See Is Not What You Get

You have done all your research and picked a hair dye that you loved, but it did not turn out to be what you expected. There are many reasons this could have happened to your hair, from not choosing the right shade to leaving your color on for too long… etc. Here are some of the most common reasons your hair color is not how you imagined it will turn out.

You Left the Hair Color on For Too Long

One of the easiest mistakes to make is leaving the color on your hair for too long. It is easy to get distracted by other tasks, or you simply forgot to set a timer. If you left the dye on for too long, you might end up with extra pigment deposit on your hair. It will not necessarily make your hair lighter, but it can definitely make your hair darker than you expected. If you find that this has happened to your hair, it is important to immediately use a strong cleanser or clarifying shampoo to remove the color surface from your hair. If that does not help, try using a deep conditioner and shampoo a few more times.

dye left on hair

Your Color Is Not Even

If you have finished dyeing your hair and noticed that it does not look like a single dye job, or it appears more like a self-performed balayage on your hair, this might be due to your scalp giving off extra energy to your processed hair. Essentially this will make the color take a lighter shade than the roots. You can fix the color by finding a slightly darker shade to apply to your roots, and it should look like one shade without changing your hair’s tone.

You Did Not Lighten Your Hair Beforehand

If you are trying to achieve a bright neon or any fancy color but your current shade contradicts the color that you want, your hair will not turn out as desired. If your current hair shade is too dark, the color might not even be absorbed into your roots. To achieve a specific bright shade, you must first lighten your hair with highlighting or bleach before applying the color to get the preferred results.

disappointed woman in black hair

Your Hair Looks Brassy

If you dyed your hair, but it looks too orange or yellow, you have too much brassiness in your hair. Thankfully, this is an easy problem to fix without the use of additional hair color. Try washing it out with a purple shampoo, which will help tone the hues that you do not like on your hair. It is important to remember that the brassiness can still return to your hair, so if you see the orange hair sneaking back in, be sure to use a purple shampoo.

brassy hair samples

Too Much Gloss

Gloss is a fantastic product to use on your hair as it adds shine and refresh your hair color. However, if it is left on your hair for too long, it will make your hair too dark or completely change your shade. To fix this problem, you will need to shampoo frequently to lighten up your hair gradually.

glossy hair type

Your Hair is Dry or Burnt

If you have bleached your hair or tried to go too light too fast, your hair may be dried out or burnt. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be fixed as it has lost all the proteins and vitamins your hair needs to grow and be healthy. The first thing you can do is deep-conditioning or at-home treatment to see if it is salvageable. Otherwise, you will need to get rid of the damaged part by trimming it off to allow new hair to grow.

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